Afternoon motor Traffic on the A12 Motorway seen from above. This is one of the Bussiest highways in the Netherlands
At FastPanel we produce genuine value solutions for Commercial vehicle manufacturers. We work in partnership with our clients, developing panel products tailor-made for every possible transport requirement. If manufacturing vans, distribution vehicles for inner city deliveries, livestock trailors, heavy trucks for long-distance haulage, FastPanel have become the go to by many vehicle manufacturers for composite panel solutions. The end result is added value for our business partners and, energy savings and a longer working life performance for their vehicles. FastPanel product solutions offer superior functionality, ease of installation and a level of customisation and localisation that can help our customers reduce uncertainty and position their companies for success.

FastPanel drive innovation through using the latest technologically advanced materials and processes and focus on products that deliver superior technical performance and added value.

FastPanel assist their clients in meeting end client performance criteria, such as energy efficiency, weight reductions, acoustic comfort etc. 

We offer lightweight thermal, acoustic and mechanical solutions that create sustainable value for our customers.

FastPanel can assist is designing the most environmentally friendly form of vehicle bodies setting a standard for top efficiency and quality, technological advanced and environmentally friendly products improving our carbon footprint.

The commercial vehicle manufacturing trailer and body industry in the UK and Ireland is expanding rapidly and FastPanel panels are “on the move” – helping supply people with all the things they need in everyday life, delivering materials to production plants, disposing of waste, carrying passengers on public transport, and working for the emergency services. In many cases they require highly specialised and elaborate technical solutions which demand specific know-how.


The energy required for heating and air conditioning commercial vehicles coupled with fuel consumption accounts for a significant total energy usage. With FastPanel’s wide variety of thermally insulated panel solutions, customers can reduce costs and meet the growing demand for increased energy efficiency and a superior weight to- performance ratio.