Retail & Commercial

Liverpool, England - April 3, 2017: People walking in the Liverpool One shopping centre. The place is the largest open air shopping centre in the United Kingdom and the 5th largest overall.
FastPanel products are been used in the construction of mixed use retail and commercial type buildings providing panel solutions that offer excellent performance and stunning visual effects for any commercial or retail application.
Modern mixed use projects face numerable challenges and need to provide comforting aesthetics for providing optimistic customer and staff experiences whilst ensuring ultimate building performance and compliance with demanding requirements.
Our team can offer design guidance on sustainability low carbon design, fire safety, acoustic comfort, thermal performance, lightweight construction, service integration,
We have innovative solutions suitable for use in large and complex, shopping centres, supermarkets, storage units, warehouse type distribution centres, office developments, car showrooms, leisure facilities, sport stadiums etc.

FastPanel can assist with the design and specification of pre-engineered composite panel building designs for almost any new and retrofit building project. Panels used to construct walls and roofs, internal partitions and ceilings, the building envelope, saving material and labor costs. We also have solutions fit for retrofit contractors for retail & commercial Shop Fit outs, partitioning solutions, acoustic panelling, also used in hotel and office fit outs.

FastPanel panels can be specifically designed and precision engineered to allow for simple joint details and large spanning seamless panel solutions enabling speedy construction with the highest quality and choice of finishes suited to various building component applications. FastPanel have manufacturing capabilities to assist with the install of a variety of accessories, trims, cutouts, services conduit, flush fittings, windows, doors, recessed bases, etc ensuring each component is tailored to the exact specifications required.

FastPanel offer cost-effective solutions with vast benefits including a superb strength to weight ratio, lightweight, non-corrosive and non-conducive properties for long life low-maintenance applications.