Technicians working in the pharmaceutical production line
Ireland is one of the leading locations for the pharmaceutical industry in Europe. The building industry has witnessed significant growth in both new and refurb biopharma related projects. FastPanel can work with design teams and construction contractors to develop product solutions for use in the construction of wall and ceilings in office partitions, research labs and controlled manufacturing cleanroom applications.

At FastPanel we provide a flexible service that can innovate solutions for complex and large pharma facilities. We work in partnership with interior fit-out and cleanroom panel contractors, developing panel products tailor-made for use in a variety of Pharma applications.

Pharmaceutical clients require the highest standards when it comes to chosen fabric materials and demand projects to be delivered faster and more cost effectively. They must have confidence that internal walls, ceilings and fabric are reliably durable easy to clean and built to last.

FastPanel have the ability to offer superior, bespoke biopharma solutions tailored to your exact pharmaceutical specifications, offering simplicity and flexibility in design and installation. No matter how complex your challenge is, our team will work with you to ensure quality, cost and timeline certainty. FastPanel will work with clients to meet relevant standards and client requirements, approvals, fire standards etc.

FastPanel drive innovation through using the latest technologically advanced materials and processes and focus on products that deliver superior technical performance and added value.