Marine & shipping

Detail of a middle sized cruise ship with blue chimney and saving vessels
At FastPanel we produce genuine value solutions for boat builders and the marine industry. We work in partnership with clients, developing panel products tailor-made for marine applications such as ferries, yachts, cruisers, fishing vessels, coastal applications etc.
FastPanel work with boat builders to design, manufacture and supply lightweight composite panel solutions. The result is added value through fuel savings and a longer working life performance and increasing the speed and efficiency of their boating vessels.
FastPanel product solutions offer superior functionality, ease of installation and a level of customisation and localisation that can help boat builders reduce uncertainty and position their companies for success.

FastPanel drive innovation through using the latest technologically advanced materials and processes and focus on products that deliver superior technical performance and added value. FastPanel panels can be used to construct a variety of end products such as interior partitions, cabinets, gang planks, Furniture, door panelling, ceilings, bulkheads, anti-slip decking finishes etc.

FastPanel assist their clients in meeting end client performance criteria, such as energy efficiency, weight reductions, acoustic and thermal comfort, corrosion resistance, high strength and excellent durability, non-combustibility etc. FastPanel can assist is designing the most environmentally friendly form of panels for building boat bodies setting a standard for top efficiency and quality, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly products improving our carbon footprint.

Our highly skilled technical department is always available to work with you to produce the right product for the desired application. Whether it’s panels, insulation, doors, certified fire-rated materials, sound and vibration damping materials and acoustic products and engineering, we work with end clients to design composite bonded panels to provide the desired solution.

FastPanel panels can be specifically designed and precision engineered to allow for simple joint details enabling speedy construction with the highest quality of finishes suited to marine applications. FastPanel have manufacturing capabilities to assist with the install of a variety of accessories, trims, cutouts, services conduit, flush fittings, windows, doors, recessed bases, etc ensuring each component is tailored to the exact specifications required.

We apply an extremely focused approach to develop client full kit packages, engineered and manufactured ready for ease and speed of installation.