3d render of tomography imaging room

FastPanel products are been used to create clean, calming environments in healthcare facilities. we can help with compliance with rigorous environmental and safety requirements including maintaining interiors at relative humidity and higher temperatures.

FastPanel have panel product solutions suitable for use in the construction of Hospital buildings, Outpatient clinics, Surgery centers, Physician’s offices etc. Modern healthcare projects face numerable challenges and need to provide comforting aesthetics for providing optimistic patient experiences whilst ensuring ultimate building performance and compliance with demanding requirements.

The requirements of medical buildings and hospitals nationwide continue to get more complex and with even more focus on cleanliness and infection control. In many situations, the consequences of contamination inside a Healthcare controlled environment can be disastrous. FastPanel can assist with the design and specification of through to the construction and installation of project specific wall partitioning and ceiling panel solutions.

FastPanel panels can be specifically designed and precision engineered to allow for simple joint details and large spanning seamless panel solutions enabling speedy construction with the highest quality of finishes suited to pharmaceutical applications. FastPanel have manufacturing capabilities to assist with the install of a variety of accessories, trims, cutouts, services conduit, flush fittings, windows, doors, recessed bases, etc ensuring each component is tailored to the exact specifications required.