Food Industry

Cutting meat in slaughterhouse. Butcher cutting pork at the meat manufacturing
FastPanel work with the clients chosen local designers and contractors to make material recommendations based on compliance with relevant standards, performance criteria and client cost budgets. Because of the sensitive nature of food processing and the risk of contamination, the choice of building components and finishes is a vital thing to consider in food plant design. FastPanel will assist in advising on ceiling and wall panel solutions that can lessen any potential hazard within a given food plant.
We have hygienic and durable finishes developed for use in controlled environments that demand the highest levels of cleanliness and food safety. FastPanel food safe wall and ceiling panels are designed for use in the construction of food production, processing and storage facilities providing solutions that mitigate the risk of contaminating the plant’s food products or equipment.

Panels can come with insulated cores for temperature control applications or honeycomb type alternatives for liner or non-temperature controlled applications. Insulated core types can vary from PU, EPS, PIR, XPS, PET, mineral wool cores etc. Class A1 non-combustible cores for fire safe applications are also available for food plants with fire safety concerns.

Chosen material surfaces help to maintain clean and safe environments that are cleanable and, where necessary, safe for direct food contact. Finishes offer excellent levels of resistance to corrosion, damage and scratching.