Young students listening to professor in the classroom on college
FastPanel products are been used to create easy clean, calming environments in educational facilities. FastPanel provide cost effective solutions that can be used to construct functional and flexible spaces to optimise pupils learning and teachers teaching experience without any additional cost to already tight budgets. From temporary, semi-permanent accommodation to permanent educational buildings, we have solutions that can meet even the most stringent of educational needs.
The design of learning spaces in educational buildings is complex. While the emphasis will be on providing a pleasant educational environment certain factors must be taken into account in the selection of materials and the detailing and design of services etc. to ensure the building functions properly.

We have solutions that meet educational project performance criteria and the needs of the end users. FastPanel have panel solutions that can provide fire safety, acoustic comfort, high impact robustness, low maintenance, smooth easy clean surfaces, integrated grounds for wall mounts, integrated service runs to avoid surface mounted conduit, smart joint and junction detailing to avoid sharp protruding edges etc. A proper acoustic environment will be crucial for effective classroom listening and learning. FastPanel have acoustic panel solutions that can enhance the acoustic comfort in an educational environment.

FastPanel panels can be specifically designed and precision engineered to allow for simple joint details and large spanning seamless panel solutions enabling speedy construction with the highest quality of finishes suited to pharmaceutical applications. FastPanel have manufacturing capabilities to assist with the install of a variety of accessories, trims, cutouts, services conduit, flush fittings, windows, doors, recessed bases, etc ensuring each component is tailored to the exact specifications required.

Fastpanel also manufacture and supply large format display boards and large spanning whiteboard walls into the educational sector.