Panel Outer Skins

Panel Outer Skins


GRP - Glass Reinforced Plastic

FastPanel bond GRP to our panels to create a strong and lightweight GRP panel range. Ideal for commercial vehicles, specialist wall panels and non slip floors the panels are manufactured to customer specific requirements with a variety of resins for use in various applications. The GRP facing material offers an incredibly versatile, strong and durable panel finish used in many various applications where conventional material facings cannot meet required specifications and standards such as fire ratings, chemical environments, lightweight applications etc. whilst maintaining an attractive appearance. GRP panels can offer high impact resistance when compared to alternative panel facing materials. This panel facing will not dent, rust or corrode.

HPL - High Pressure Laminate

HPL boards are composed of layers of cellulose fibres that are impregnated with thermosetting resins and subjected to a high-pressure process consisting in the simultaneous application of heat and pressure. Wood and stone structures are applied deep into the paper layers so that the result looks natural whilst offering heat resistant, water resistant, durable, wipe-clean finishes available in a range of colours and textures. Other benefits include fire-rated and anti-microbial finishes.

PET - Polyethene terephthalate

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate ) is a general-purpose thermoplastic in the polyester family. PET plastic is lightweight, strong and impact-resistant. It is often used in food processing machinery due to its low moisture absorption, low thermal expansion, and chemical resistant properties. PET facings are often provided with a white polyester paint finish and an extra chemical resistant laminate are ideal for hygienic environments with aggressive cleaning regimes.

CCS - Colour Coated Steel

Prefinished colour coated steel offers corrosion protected for long lasting appearance. This facing material can offers high color retention and long lasting finishes that resist rust, white rust and UV radiation as well as scratches and the build-up of dirt, for reduced maintenance. The base material in color coated steel consists of steel, coated with a thin zinc layer. The zinc coating protects the steel from corrosion. A two layer backing coat and a top coat paint with excellent technical properties is chosen to best fit the purpose of the application. CCS is available in a wide range of vibrant colours and a range of products with various performance and finish guarantees.

Choose from 3 different options

HPS200 ULTRA® Plastic coated
is a factory applied 200µm (micron) PVC coating applied to a fully galvanised steel substrate resulting in the most reliable and highest quality finish available. Manufactured in the UK, exclusively by Tata Steel. Benefits include; twice the colour retention of standard plastisol, high cut-edge performance, maintenance & inspection free, fully galvanised substrate. Guarantee period for this finish of up to 40 years withno requirement for any inspections or maintenance.

is a factory applied 200µm (micron) PVC coating applied to a fully galvanised steel substrate resulting in an exceptionally durable, high gloss, attractive finish. Benefits include; high abrasion resistance, attractive leathergrain embossing, high gloss finish, full range of colour options, fully galvanised substrate f provided with regular Guarantee period for this finish of up to 30 years. May last up to 40 years depending on the panel application.

POLYESTER PAINTED Smooth or textured internal/external
Polyester painted steel is a factory applied 2-part paint coating applied to a fully galvanised substrate offering a fully functional yet highly cost effective finish. Benefits include; cost effective, easily over-paintable and fully galvanised substrate. Polyester Painted finish does not carry any form of warranty but is expected to have a minimum service life of 15 years before repainting required.

Steels can also come perforated to be used with a Rockwool core to offer panels with great acoustic absorption performance.

SS - Stainless Steel

stainless steel finishes which can be applied to the panel offering an easy to clean and nonporous surface with great physical and corrosion resistant properties. Comes in various grades and finish e.g. Satin, brushed, mirror or embossed pattern finishes. T304 Polycoated.

WFSL - White Foodsafe Laminate

A product ideal for clean rooms, food safe laminated galvanised steel is anti-static and has a 9-year guarantee. This food safe finish is thoroughly tested to meet the stringent standards of the food industry. Food can even be in direct contact with the laminate. Panels with a WFL finish are used in cold rooms and freezer walls and ceilings. The Laminate FoodSafe is highly formable and wear resistant. WFS laminate is usually white and has a low-gloss and smooth surface that remains safe and intact. Its key performance characteristics include; non-toxicity, corrosion protection, wet-scrub resistance, ease of cleaning, scratch resistance and no water absorption.

MFM - Mill finished metals

FastPanel can bond to a wide variety of different mill finished metals that are available dependent on the requirement of the panel e.g. materials such as aluminium, galvanised, Aluzinc etc. Metal faced panels can also be powder coated to any RAL colour.

SAC - Stone Aggregate Composite

FastPanel can bond various core materials to a crushed stone aggregate composite panel manufactured from a glass reinforced polyester resin architectural built up to provide a surface finish of natural stone, suitable for both internal and external wall cladding applications. SAC panels offers a choice of natural stone colours, plus different grades of coarseness, depending on the required aesthetic.