FastPanel designs and manufactures bonded panels for a wide range of specialist applications.

FastPanel delivers innovative, engineered solutions with an unexausted range of material options and bonded panel products.

Customers can work with Fastpanel to design a product solution for any project and take advantage of the benefits of a freedom to design from a choice of quality materials.


Located in Limavady, Northern Ireland, FastPanel share their manufacturing facility with their sister company FastHouse an offsite designer, manufacturer and installer of panelised timber frame high performance buildings for the housing sector.

Within a state-of-the-art 200,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, FastPanel can realise a capacity of up to 360,000 sq m of bonded panels annually through one of the most advanced automated production lines in Ireland and the UK.

Fully automated gluing system

Temperature regulated adhesive storage

State of the art 400 tonne heated pneumatic press. 268mm max jaw size enabling extra thick panel fabrication

Temperature regulated press enclosure

CNC core material routing/milling machine

Large vacuum hoist panel handling systems

CNC finished panel routing/milling machine

Rigorous Testing machines

Testing AND R&D

In-House Test Facilities

Mechanical testing is carried out to evaluate the performance of the bonded assembly. Facing materials can fail in tension, compression, shear, or local buckling. Additionally, the panel core material can fail in shear or by crushing.

A face-sheet can separate from the core due to excessive shear or normal tensile stress in the adhesive bond. FastPanel have developed inhouse testing methods to simulate these typical failure modes. Axial, UDL, Tensile, Shear Racking and Impact testing is just some of the testing we carry out in house.

Quality Assurance

Procedures in factory

FastPanel have an effective and robust Quality Management System (QMS). Our ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

We have stringent procedures in factory that involves continuously monitoring of adherence to relevant standards and ongoing inspection of product quality to identify defects in order to drive continuous improvement.