Additional Features

FastPanel have a state of the art production facility equipped with the most advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery. CNC ensures increased efficiency, capability, and waste reduction.  All our CNC machines use subtractive manufacturing to create a high quality end product, meaning they work by removing material from an existing piece rather than by adding onto it. We have a design team using CAD/CAM software (Computer Aided Design – Computer Aided Manufacturing) to determine the specifics of a cut with a CNC machine are precision engineered. Our routers and mills provide extreme accuracy and flexibility with offering tailor made bespoke panel solutions. 5 axis Computer Numerical Control (CNC) routing/milling machine provides high quality, accuracy and consistency of finish. This level of automation enables us offer the following additional precision engineered features, benefits and add-ons to our bespoke panel products.

Pre-machining also offers value and benefit to our clients. Carrying out additional works in our highly quality controlled factory environment minimise defects, repairs and snagging costs. By have panels ready for application offers savings in time and labour. Less waste and dust emissions as well as less men using power tools and less materials trip hazards leads to a safer working area. Taking work away from the installation teams helps free up your labour quicker. The key benefit in pre-machining is it reduces multiple handling of the end product for the customer who can then focus fully on mounting and avoids risk of scratching, damaging and costly repairs.


Inserts typically are factory installed reinforcement and framing members often installed within panels to strengthen and offer structural stability into panels e.g. in commercial vehicle roof and floor panels. Internal structural grounds can be incorporated for fixing point loads or often rails or tracks to offer fixing points for specific client requirements. Sections of panel core are often replaced with different core types to help distribute localised loads or to provide fixing points e.g. high density PET or a length of plywood installed into an insulated panel to offer fixing points.   

PVC or metal conduit and service runs can be predesigned and positioned into panels to meet client specific requirements. Factory installed conduit and incorporating recessed elements is beneficial for speed and ease of panel system installation and helps avoid surface mounted M&E services.

Cut Outs

Panels can be provided with either cut-outs or push-outs to accommodate routing of electrical services and other small services. Switch boxes and socket outlets can be precision cut. In larger service apertures for pipe penetrations etc and cut-outs for doors and windows support bracketry can be designed to account for strength loss and reinstate the structural integrity of the panel.

FastPanel design team can assess multiple cut-outs within a panel and if the degree of cut-out exceeds recommendations can advise on how to transfer load to adjacent panels or auxiliary load-bearing frame. Our technical team can also offer advice on maintaining fire and acoustic performance around penetrations and cut outs.

Edging & Joint Options

Factory installed panel jointing mechanisms facilitate with speedy, simple assembly. Numerous solutions can be designed into our panels to facilitate with speedy simple assembly. Timber and steel frames can be rebated to aid mounting and to give an increased solidity to the bodywork. Runs of recessed railing or semi-recessed railing can be installed to meet specific customer requirements. FastPanel also have mechanical joint fixing clip lock panel for slide in panel to panel connection offering a fast, accurate, self tightening & demountable connection ensuring panels are plumb/square. Aluminium profiles can be incorporated into edge detail for interface with windows, doors and flush panel joint profiles.

Protective film and packaging

To avoid the risk of damage and surface scratches during handling, transportation and installation, FastPanel products can be supplied with extra protective film and packaging to meet client specification. As an optional extra our panel products can be immediately wrapped with plastic film at the end of our production line. Protective film can also protect the panels during panel installation e.g. offers masking to avoid protection against painting and other damage from follow on trades.